As a therapist working with many families living in poverty I quickly learned that one of their biggest needs is diapers. Time and time again I heard stories of what these desperate families were doing when they couldn't afford to buy more diapers. Something had to be done.

Diapers are not an allowed purchase from WIC or Food Stamps. Unfortunately countless diapers are thrown away (child outgrows the size before the package is finished, brand doesn’t fit right, etc.) or sitting somewhere collecting dust. Our goal is to prevent diapers from being wasted and provide them to agencies working with struggling families. Since our start we have distributed over 210,000 diapers!

What we will take

  • new, unopened packs of diapers

  • opened packs of diapers

  • loose diapers (clean, of course!)

  • gift cards to places that sell diapers (to be used only by staff, not given directly to families)

  • unopened containers of wipes

  • rewards points from Pampers (we use these to earn free diapers!)


  • We provide diapers to social service agencies (partner agencies) working with low income families to distribute as needed.